Jerry Tee as known as his stage name is a drummer / percussionist born in Adelaide (South Australia) he is considered to be one of the leading musicians in his field. Jerry began playing Bouzouki and Keyboard at a very early age, and then decided to switch onto drums under the age of 10.

Jerry studied drums / percussion at John Reynolds School Of Music. Jerry plays drums and also percussion which consists of (bongo's, conga's, and also tourberleki / darbuka).

Jerry is the first artist throughout Australia to use custom made LED sight to sound LED instruments.

Jerry has performed with some of Australia's and Greece's well known artists: Glykeria ( Greece ), Elena Harami ( Greece ), Yiannis Sideris ( Greece ), Keti Livanou ( Greece ), Nickos Karagiannis ( Perth ), DJ Andotek ( Adelaide ), DJ James Ross ( Adelaide ), DJ Savvas ( Adelaide ), Angelo Avramakis ( Melbourne ), Johnny Nicolandos ( Melbourne ), Jim Tsitas ( Adelaide ), DJ Valandi ( Adelaide ), DJ Apostal ( Sydney ), DJ Kosta Nico ( Melbourne ), DJ Souli ( Adelaide ), Kaliroy ( Melbourne ), Korrina Karra ( Melbourne ), Nikos Mamacus ( Greece / Brisbane ), Varnavas ( Melbourne ), Nikos Fostiras ( Greece / Melbourne ), OPA-cize ( Adelaide ), DJ Madusa ( Adelaide ), DJ Valentino ( Greece ), Nikos Chatzopoulos ( Greece ), John Morley ( Adelaide ), SKM ( Adelaide ), MC Rmac ( Adelaide ), Señor Sanchez ( Adelaide ), Adrian V ( Adelaide ), MC Jazz ( Adelaide ), DJ Diamond ( Greece ), Alex Ioakim - Saxophone ( Adelaide ), DJ Jordan ( Melbourne ), Virgil Reality Live Trumpet ( Sydney ), Phil D Drumz ( Adelaide ), DJ Nic C ( Adelaide ), DJ Matt Abstrax ( Adelaide ), Groov Meanik ( Adelaide ), Glen J & Gareth James ( Adelaide ), Street Level ( Adelaide ); to name a few.

Affiliated Acts: Akropolis Live Greek Band, Avid Entertainment, Bounce Entertainment, Entertainment Adelaide, JT Entertainment, Kefi Entertainment, Magazi Baraki, MFC Promotions, Purple Lychee, Zaffit SA Multicultural Entertainment Group.

Over the past two decades, Jerry has appeared on well known TV shows like Ace TV Greek Style, and Hellenic Presence, and has also been featured on WOW FM radio station.

Thousands of Jerry Tee's Facebook followers regularly share his music video's online. Jerry has also played on a number of recordings / cd's which contain some of the most beautiful music ever written.

Jerry's playing style is unique, his vibe on stage matches his music ability to travel you to a place you have never been before. Jerry's style of music ranges from Greek ( Modern and Traditional ), Latin, Electro, Dance, House, RnB and Rock.

Jerry is the first and only to bring LED Percussion to Australia, now you can enjoy the music with an amazing light show to match.

Jerry Tee is available for Club events, Private functions, Corporate shows, Weddings and more.